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Your Noses Knows!

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NON-SURGICAL NOSE JOB The Non-Surgical Nose Job is an especially exciting procedure. Nasal defects can be fixed, bumps smoothed, indentations filled, the shape of the nose changed, and the tip raised. Now, the painful recovery process associated with contouring surgery

Time to Treat Your Wrinkles

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3 Different Types of Treatment for Wrinkles If you are thinking now is the time to see Dr. Kopelson about your wrinkles, check out this article in on the 3 different treatments available: Treatment for Wrinkles. Dr. Kopelson will

Best Cure For Wrinkles

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Botox Treatments: Best Cure for Wrinkles Wrinkles are an unwelcome sign of old age. However, all thanks to Botox injections at The Kopelson Clinic located in Beverly Hills, you can treat them without a hassle. When you reach your climax

Crows Feet – What Causes Them?

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What Causes Crows Feet? Crow’s feet – the fine lines that radiate from the corners of your eyes – are among the first wrinkles to form and can surface as early as your 30’s. They are dynamic wrinkles, meaning they’re

Looking for a Botox & Injectable Filler Doctor?

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Looking for a Botox & Injectable Filler Doctor? – Consider Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dermatologist Peter Kopelson, M.D. The success of any treatment starts with choosing the best physician. If you are looking for a provider of Botox and Injectable Fillers


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A cosmetic enhancement of any kind can be a scary thought, even if its results are temporary, like that of injectables and fillers. If you’re considering getting Botox injections but just can’t imagine what you’ll look like sans frown lines

Choosing the Right Doctor

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There has been a recent influx of noncertified doctors performing aesthetic procedures. Changes in insurance reimbursement, the way doctors make money has changed. More non-core doctors started performing cosmetic procedures and essentially, nothing is considered off limits. Be careful when

Put An End To Hollow Eyes

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Put an End to Hollow Eyes We talk a lot about reducing under-eye puffiness, but we know that some of you suffer from another issue: eyes that look sunken and hollow, especially for those who have more slender faces. However,

Want To Stop Feeling Stuffed Like Your Thanksgiving Turkey….

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Bloating: How to not feel stuffed like your Turkey! Many of us sit around the table and eat until we are uncomfortable. Here are three common causes of bloating: • Overeating and eating too fast • Eating rich, fatty food

How to Banish Crow’s Feet

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Crow’s feet, the lines that extend out from the corners of the eyes, can develop as early as your 20s. Protecting the area from the sun is key to preventing them the less you squint, the less likely they are

Caring for your skin during the winter!

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They say that preventative care is the best action against illnesses. The same also goes for wrinkles but some people do not starting worrying about wrinkles until they make an obvious appearance on our faces. And by the time it

Let Us Help You With Your Scars

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Cosmetic Procedures: Scars Our skin is a seamless organ, like a fine cloth protecting valuable assets. Imagine a piece of silk. Just one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks. And it’s the same with skin.