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Best Botox Beverly hills: Best botox treatment in Beverly hills

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Do you want to lower your face wrinkles then botox in Beverly hills may be the right option for you to reduce these frown lines from your face. Wrinkles are among the foremost common issues in both men and women

Flavonol-Rich Dark Chocolate Might Help Lower Your BP

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As if we needed another reason to eat more chocolate, here’s a doozy: dark chocolate that is rich in Flavonols can actually help to lower your blood pressure a bit. While the results weren’t dramatic, this meta-study analyzing 20 other

New Trend: Couples Opting for Simultaneous Cosmetic Procedures

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This makes sense in a way, a new trend towards couples undergoing cosmetic procedures at the same time. After all, why not look their best for each other? The number of guys that are choosing to go for cosmetic procedures

Cool Innovations: a Wristband That Signals Sun Overexposure

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We’ve all been in that situation where we are out in the sun a bit too long, and we feel our skin starting to burn. It’s easy to get distracted and lose track of time while out doing yard work

Cosmetic Procedures Preferred by Olympians

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Olympic athletes are not just concerned about their physical fitness but their appearance as well especially in public or on the camera. Cosmetic tattooing or permanent make-up is really getting popular among Olympians especially with high-profile athletes because they tend

Inexpensive Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

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Here’s an article that discusses four alternatives for cosmetic surgery for anyone on a shoestring budget. The first item is the Facelift Bungee that comes with two combs and a connecting cord which costs only $24.99. Braid your hairs and

Video: A Moisturizer That Fights Acne and Aging?

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Here’s a short video on how to moisturize your acne-prone skin. Contrary to how it may appear, oily skin isn’t always well hydrated. But the catch is that when you strip off all your skin’s oils, your skin tends to

Video: California Getting Tough on Illegal Medical Spas

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Governor Jerry Brown passed a law in July that dramatically upped the fines for unlawful medical spas in the state which perform medical treatments outside the legally mandated framework. This video outlines the new law and how it will positively

Great Products for the Greater Good

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Here are a couple of wonderful products that are not only high quality but also help make the world a better place. The first is a great new organic olive oil soap made by Nudo. You probably already know that

Why You Should Only Select a Board-Certified Cosmetic Doc

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This video gives a good explanation of why it is important to choose a doctor who is board-certified whenever you are considering a cosmetic procedure of any kind. This includes not only major operations, like facelifts but also such minor

Using Beauty Products After a Cosmetic Procedure

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Here’s a great video to watch if you are considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure or if you already have a procedure scheduled. You need to give your skin time to heal after any procedure, and this video explains how to

Getting Clear, Smooth Skin

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There are a number of great new ways to deal with the scars from acne breakouts and get clear skin, and this article discusses a number of them, from Fraxel Repair via the CO2 laser to TCA peels and even